A new audience activation experience powered by the Blockchain.

The evolution from 

Rich Media to Smart Media

We ideate, develop, and distribute high-impact digital media experiences, that deliver ROI. Think, the gamification of advertising meets next-generation attribution capabilities.

Capturing the hearts and minds of audiences - through their hands, by taking a nonstandard approach of using SmartMedia Objects that can be activated across any marketing campaign.

This is the evolution of Brand Innovation

Our secret sauce, to bottling cool? 

SmartMedia Objects

SmartMedia Objects are Non-Fungible Tokens. (Yes, that’s a thing!) They are highly programmable and they live on the blockchain - making them fully trackable, reportable, and attributable.

Plus, we added an AI framework making SmartMedia Objects network aware (and REALLY smart!), and allows them to autonomously execute long-running code while also being sensitive to external triggers. 

Some types of triggers could include things like user interactions or geographic location (perhaps a time-based promotion is unlocked if the user enters into the brand’s retail location), last night’s football scores, local weather events, or trending #tags. SmartMedia Objects can change states and become a coupon or a promotion based on a specific trigger. The possibilities are limitless!

The New 'Reality' of Engagement

SmartMedia Objects are Mixed Reality (AR+VR) & 3D enabled. Allowing a brand to connect with their audience in a unique and immersive way that is literally… out of this world!

Whether it be a brand's own 3D Crypto Coin that can be acquired using AR off of a Google Map, or a Digital Collectible that can be acquired by a user in a VR world like Second Life , it’s a mind-blowing experience for the consumer and a great way to make a lasting impression as an innovative brand.

Omnichannel Harmony

We don't deliver impressions we distribute engagement - cross channels.

How do we get SmartMedia Objects into the hands of the right people?

First by targeting them one to one across our real-time bidding platform. Next, we give the power to the people by allowing users to acquire SmartMedia Objects on any medium: mobile, TV, tablet, digital OOH, billboard, or print ad. Because these objects are so engaging, addictive, shareable, and fun, users will want to share them with all their friends - making them viral!

SmartMedia Ads

Paid Distribution

SmartMedia Objects can be distributed across the IoTs by being tethered to SmartMedia Ads.

SmartMedia Ad campaigns are designed to educate users about the branded experience, promotion, or digital collectible and incentivize them to register for a branded viewer so that they can own and interact with that object or branded experience.

Users can click on an ad on Instagram to instantly acquire the object or they can use their iPhone to acquire the object from a TV ad using a QR code.

Find out how Fjallraven redefined user activation and engaged their most valuable customers in a way that reinforced their company’s values.